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Quartz Countertop Buying Guide

Quartz stone is an incredibly popular material for countertops. In addition to having a nice appearance, it is also reasonably priced when compared to marble. Additionally, quartz is quite customizable, so you may select any color or pattern to match the style of your house. Additionally, the majority of producers shape their quartz to resemble the priciest countertops on the market. This implies that you don’t have to give up elegance to save money. Take a closer look at what New York quartz countertops can accomplish for you.

The durability that quartz countertops provide is one of the primary factors in this decision. Stains, dents, and scratches cannot pierce quartz. Because of its relative lack of porosity, it resists scratches. The surface is unaffected even by knife marks. Moreover, spill stains are unlikely to detract from the appearance of quartz due to its extreme durability. Quartz countertops in NY are offered in a variety of colors, in contrast to many other materials.

Quartz offers many benefits for the contemporary kitchen, whether you’re searching for a white countertop or one in a more contemporary hue. It is robust and requires little maintenance. Quartz is the ideal material for the kitchen, bar, or bathroom. The wonderful thing about quartz is that it’s among the most exquisite stone varieties on the market right now. Just take a look at these countertops’ stunning appearance and robustness.


What company makes the best quartz?

What company makes the best quartz

What company makes the best quartz


Quartz stone has a broad and diverse market. This stone is manufactured by a number of companies in the USA and outside of the U.S., and costs vary according to demand, availability, and quality. The greatest suppliers of Quartz stone in New York are available at Countertops NYC. The company provides New York with the best  quartz stone available. The business is known for its excellent quality and client service. Continue reading to learn about New York’s top suppliers of quartz stone.

In the USA, 93% of  quartz countertops are constructed of natural quartz, with the remaining 6% consisting of binding resins. The end product is a stone that requires very little upkeep and is incredibly durable. The primary advantage of  quartz countertops is their resistance to stains. In addition, this stone is eco-friendly and water-repellent. There are many different colors and patterns to select from.

Natural stones are a fantastic option for surfaces in your house, including countertops. Because these materials are heat- and UV-resistant, prolonged exposure to sunshine won’t cause your countertops to deteriorate. Additionally, there are cutting-edge design components that can infuse any space with flair and usefulness, such as illuminating any marble.


Which One Should I Choose?

Quartz is a material that has become widely known and used as a countertop material for several reasons that often go beyond the fact it is good-looking. Of course, because there is a significant demand, several companies make quartz available for their customers. Among this multitude of companies, which one should you go for?

To try to bring an answer to the above question, our main objective in this article will not be telling you which company to choose or not, but instead, to help you choose the right company for you, or should we say, to prevent you from discarding the right company for you.

But before we get to that part, we are going to talk a little about  quartz, its origin, and see why it is a material to consider as an option for a kitchen countertop.

What is Quartz and Where Does It Come From?

Quartz, first of all, is a man-made stone. Because it is man-made, it has been designed to overcome quite a number of shortcomings natural stones present. One of these limitations is the fact that natural stones do not offer a wide range of colors. They generally have several shades of white or dark. Quartz on the other hand is available in several different colors, and for those who are fond of the natural look of mined stones, some Quartz slabs offer these looks with strength, durability and resilience typical of


Which Quartz Company Should I Go To?

Which Quartz Company Should I Go To

Which Quartz Company Should I Go To


As we said before, several companies provide Quartz countertops to the market and of course, some already have a brand name and are known as a reference of quality. However, the price in such companies is not always the best, as it tends to be a little higher than normal.

But, some companies offer the same quality at drastically lesser prices but are almost always ignored as the other companies have most of the market. It would be a complete waste of resources to purchase an item for more than two times its price just because the place you purchased it from has a brand name.

We don’t mean here that all companies do so, but we just encourage clients to seek the best deal available to them.

Note nonetheless that the best deal is not about price only, but also the quality. That is why it is important to find a company from which you will be able to get quality  quartz at an affordable price as the quality remains very important.

We will therefore conclude by saying that you should take out time and search for the best deals. Do not let the fact that a company has no name, yet, stop you from objectively judging the services they offer. If they can provide you with a Quartz countertop of the same quality as that which you would have obtained from a better-known company and do so at a lesser price, why not? Be objective and do not let the presence or absence of a brand name prevent you from judging rightly.


Caesarstone® Quartz Surfaces

Caesarstone quartz countertops in the NYC area

Caesarstone quartz countertops in the NYC area


Established in 1987 in the vicinity of the historic Roman city of Caesarea, Caesarstone® is a manufacturer of superior  quartz surfaces. Applications in interior design for homes and businesses include wall paneling, furniture, bathroom vanities, kitchen countertops, and backsplash. Caesarstone®, a world leader and innovator in its industry, takes great satisfaction in its continuous dedication to innovation, R&D, and the highest standards of quality.

Caesarstone mimics the tactile characteristics of real stone and marble while surpassing them in terms of strength and quality. It does this by combining the beauty and strength of  quartz, one of nature’s strongest minerals. Caesarstone, one of the first manufactured countertop surfaces ever created, is composed primarily of  quartz making it far tougher and more durable than material mined.

Caesarstone comes in various designs and can be finished in natural, polished, rough, or “concrete” ways. The surface may evoke any style—industrial, modern, or traditional—and because of its adaptability, designers have a vibrant color pallet to work with, ensuring that no two projects are alike.

quartz counter serves as the focal point of a kitchen and offers both the necessary luxury and functionality. This non-porous material is impervious to heat, scuffs, and home cleansers, rendering it an excellent option for dedicated culinary enthusiasts.

Caesarstone surfaces never need to be sealed, and its huge slab sizes—up to 64½” wide, 131½” long, and 1¼” thick achieve a sleek, contemporary look while requiring less maintenance and connections.

With over thirty décor options available at different price points, Caesarstone provides a selection to fit every taste and budget. It is not intended for outdoor use, even though it is strong enough to be used in professional situations


Silestone® Quartz Surfaces

Silestone quartz countertops in the NYC area

Silestone quartz countertops in the NYC area


Silestone has become the perfect option for kitchen Countertops and bathrooms, The exceptional durability of Silestone  quartz countertops in kitchen and bathroom areas with heavy traffic and frequent usage, as well as the virtually limitless color options available with this surface.

By optimizing the use of available space, Silestone—the only quartz surface with a 25-year warranty—allows you to arrange your area any way you choose, combining its vast array of colors and textures. With two different finishes and a variety of thicknesses and slab sizes, Silestone may be a very affordable stone.

Silestone offers unmatched performance and dependability. It is the only countertop where every slab has antibacterial protection built in. It also boasts a wide range of exquisite hues that come from nature. v up 94% of its manufacturing. To ensure ongoing protection, antimicrobial product protection is integrated during production.

Silestone is produced by the Cosentino Group in Spain. Its non-porous surface keeps liquids from seeping through and shields your countertops from stains. It doesn’t need to be sealed and is resistant to stains and scratches. Silestone offers a 25-year warranty on all of its products. Simply wash with warm, sudsy water.

Silestone slabs are generally available in 1¼” thick and 3/4 thicknesses, which can be run directly on our machinery – saving time and money. Silestone Quartz Slabs usually come in either Standard Size 54″ x 120″ or Jumbo Size 63″ x 128″,


Compac® Quartz Surfaces

Compac quartz countertops in the NYC area

Compac quartz countertops in the NYC area


COMPAC is constantly working to increase the production, supply, and quality of its materials to the limit of what is feasible.
Compac, the first Spanish company specializing in the production and marketing of  quartz and marble surface coverings, was founded in 1975. From modest origins, it has grown into a premier provider of engineered stone with a broad vision encompassing more than just stone.

The leading global supplier of engineered stone is Compac. Their Technological Quartz is a product of remarkable beauty and resistance; it resembles natural quartz in appearance and texture but performs better because of its high resistance. It is available in a wide variety of hues, patterns, thicknesses, and sizes. For bathroom and kitchen counters that must endure frequent usage, this product is perfect.

Compac Countertops are the pinnacle of beauty, style, and usefulness for your kitchen or bathroom. Made of over 90% natural  quartz, this incredibly durable stone is a fantastic choice for surfaces in these areas. For both trade and residential projects in Surrey, NYC, and the surrounding locations, remodel your space with custom Compac  quartz countertops at cheap costs. Its robustness and beauty make it the ideal choice when a functional surface that looks nice is needed.

Being an eco-efficient business that sources all of its raw materials from renewable or recycled sources is COMPAC’s ultimate goal, which they work tirelessly to achieve. This is accomplished by employing “bio-resins” on all nature line items, replanting over 30,000 trees annually to offset carbon emissions, reusing over 95% of all water and reusable energy, and reducing power usage by 40% through improved cutting efficiency.


Cambria® Quartz Surfaces

Cambria quartz countertops in the NYC area

Cambria quartz countertops in the NYC area


Among the top quartz production enterprises in the United States is Cambria. Strength and resilience against breakage, together with beauty and likeness to natural stones, are what set Cambria Quartz apart. In addition to being incredibly beautiful to look at, Cambria’s more than 200 designs provide unwavering quality and unrivaled performance—for the duration of their lives. It is also asserted that Cambria is more durable than granite and marble due to its greater hardness. This implies that Cambria surfaces will provide you with a lifetime of perfect finish with typical household use and are less prone to scratch, chip, or discolor.

Cambria is designed for people who genuinely enjoy cooking. It is nonporous and nonabsorbent, so it won’t collect moisture from food that has been left out or is uncooked, which could contain dangerous bacteria. It emits no radon and no emissions. There just isn’t a safer stone surface to prepare food on.

Taking Care of Cambria Is Simple
To Clean, just use mild soap and warm water. Quartz doesn’t require regular sealing, polishing, or reconditioning like granite and marble do. Once placed, Cambria requires no maintenance, so you won’t have to deal with hazardous chemicals or filthy oils.

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Due to its strength and quantity,  quartz—one of the world’s toughest minerals—has become a widely sought-after material for Countertops. Quartz is a naturally occurring stone, despite the term “engineered” or “man-made” being used occasionally. Depending on the  quartz maker, a slab’s percentage of natural  quartz may change. Nonetheless, Cambria is a well-known brand that provides some of the greatest pure  quartz concentrations, producing compact and sturdy slabs. In NYC,


Alleanza Quartz

Alleanza quartz countertops in the NYC area

Alleanza quartz countertops in the NYC area


Premium quartz surfaces are imported by Alleanza Quartz and are utilized as flooring, wall cladding, countertops, vanities, and other interior surfaces in both residential and commercial buildings.

A large selection of exquisitely crafted quartz surfaces with superior surface finishes are available from Alleanza Quartz. Alleanza Quartz is a franchise of the environmentally conscious manufacturing company Alleanza Quartz, which creates exquisitely designed quartz surfaces.

Alleanza Quartz surfaces are composed of 7% polymer resin and 93% real quartz. Alleanza Quartz surfaces are all homogenous, nonporous, and incredibly durable. The dapper appearance offers the unparalleled quality and flair of real stone. Global Quartz is a suitable option for individuals that prioritize elegance, sophistication, and longevity in their interior design. The radiance and luster of nature endure forever!

Alleanza Quartz lets you realize your creative vision for the home by fusing exceptional functionality with beauty.


Why quartz?

Quartz is more than just a stunning stone. It is also among the hardest minerals found in nature. Surfaces that are up to 93% genuine quartz blend gorgeous design with usefulness.


Granite, marble, and most other stones are less durable than quartz. It is extremely resistant to heat and cold and impenetrable to stains, scratches, and cracks.

Scratch & stain resistant

Our quartz surfaces are incredibly durable and resilient to almost every hardship encountered in daily life.

Easy care and maintenance

Alleanza Quartz surfaces only require a routine wipe down with water and normal detergent; they don’t require sealing, treating, polishing, or any other type of upkeep.


Q Quartz

Q Quartz quartz countertops in the NYC area

Q Quartz quartz countertops in the NYC area


Q Quartz is a very robust and long-lasting material for kitchen countertops. Q Quartz is a great choice for serious home cooks. Q Quartz is a cutting-edge line of distinctive, creative countertop options from renowned family-owned manufacturer MSI.

Q Quartz is a popular choice for kitchen countertops. Because of its excellent performance durability, non-porous qualities, smooth surface, and minimal care needs, this stone is ideal for a kitchen surface. It will also appear beautiful and brand-new for a very long time to come. For many houses, a kitchen countertop composed of Q Quartz is a wise decision because it is a multipurpose material with numerous benefits.

Because a Q Quartz slab instantly enhances the look of your space, people are drawn to it because of its elegance. Q Quartz stones come in a variety of hues, from striking blacks to traditional whites and earth tones. Because every Q Quartz stone has a different design, you can be creative while choosing one.

Q Quartz is incredibly simple to keep clean because it is non-porous. Any stains on your kitchen countertop can easily be removed with a fast wipe with a moist, gentle cloth. It will be simple to clean up after a cooking session because it is stain and spill-resistant. If you’re looking for a premium tabletop with lots of benefits, Q Quartz can be the ideal stone for you.


LG Viatera

LG Viatera quartz countertops in the NYC area

LG Viatera quartz countertops in the NYC area


The LG Viatera is likewise useful. Its remarkably durable surface is composed of 93% natural quartz mixed with state-of-the-art polymer resins and colorfast pigments. In contrast to other stone materials, LG Viatera requires extremely little care and doesn’t require topical sealing.

Those who want the sophisticated appearance of stone without the upkeep will find LG Viatera appealing. The newest member of the LG family is this glossy quartz surface from Italy. There are 22 designer hues for Viatera, all of which draw inspiration from the unadulterated beauty of nature. The hues in the palette range from calm and gentle to powerful and passionate.

The concept behind Viatera’s design and creation is that life’s significant events often occur on a countertop. LG Viatera comes in a variety of colors and styles that give you the flexibility to design a space that accurately captures the wonder and beauty of your life, whether you’re searching for a surface that can withstand the rigors of everyday use or one that can withstand the wear and tear of commercial applications. With a 15-year transferable warranty, LG Viatera is built for ease of application, sanitary and safe, stronger and more stain-resistant than natural stone.

Made from the finest Quartz, Viatera is a surface option that is both stylish and long-lasting, making it a great option for counters in kitchens and bathrooms. Sealing is not necessary for LG Viatera. This product is made to last a lifetime and has a stronger resistance to heat, chemicals, and stains, so it can withstand normal wear and tear. Viatera is stronger than stone because it contains up to 93% quartz, one of the hardest minerals in the world. LG Viatera is an ecologically conscious product that uses sustainable materials and an eco-friendly manufacturing process to promote a better world.


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