Onyx slabs for kitchen countertops

Classic Onyx

Onyx marble is one of the materials that transformed home and kitchen decor and added a host of colors and shades to those that previously existed,
After all, one of the requirements is for greater wealth as to the shades of the home and another requirement is the higher quality of the various materials.
In the last two decades, there have been many changes in the demands of families and individuals when it comes to design.
A well-designed home gives a great feeling to its guests – the design is just as important as the comfort, as it is the one that delivers the unique atmosphere of the house.
An onyx marble surface is actually a material used to create gems made into various pieces of jewelry.
The material from which this material is made is a type of quartz as encrypted crystals; this material can be found in shades of red, white, and black;
In the distant past, this material was used to create various tools for the higher strata of Egyptian society.
In recent decades, this interesting stone has been polished to create a surface that resembles its texture and appearance to the familiar marble surface.
The most successful shades of onyx marble are the black tones, which no other type of surface reaches its level in terms of hue,
And transparent surfaces that allow for indoor lighting and interesting combinations.

Blue Marble Onyx Polished