Travertine Countertops NYC


Travertine is a very ancient origins of rock used in construction. The travertine was used in Rome as early as the first millennium BC

The color of travertine is created by oxides, which has in its interior, common factor, being a relatively porous stone. The natural colors range from milky white to dark walnut color, through various shades of yellow or red. Not infrequently, you can glimpse within their structure of fossil animals and plants.

Another characteristic of travertine consists of many natural holes that cover the surface also entering into deep holes that can be filled with either putty in tone, both with putty transparent depending on the demands of the end customer.

Travertine is particularly suitable for the coating of facades is in the form of facade glued, and if the height of the SIA standards and safety considerations permit, both with ventilated facades, which can reach heights also important by size plates also important.

The color can vary from light gray to medium brown, from red, green and purple. This type of material is particularly suitable for the construction of streets, pedestrian zones, terraces and stairways.

Travertine Natural Stone Slab NYC

Travertine Natural Stone Slab ON SALE HDD

Travertine red countertop slab NYC

Travertine red countertop slab ON SALE HDD