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New York Marble Stone

Countertops NYC is one of the basic ingredients when it comes to remodeling or kitchen countertops in NYC, as the food is prepared on it and the utensils and cutlery are ready before you take them to the table. natural stone gives elegance to the unusual bathroom or kitchen.


The benefits of marble countertops are essentially aesthetic in nature: elegant, delicate, sophisticated, and rare. Ideal for a stylish and very distinctive kitchen.

They give a distinct and elegant touch to your bathroom or kitchen due to their elegance and beauty.

Although it is durable, it is not as durable as other materials.

There is a large variety of colors. And the most popular among them especially in NYC is a white Marble-like White Carrara marble.

Two of the more expensive materials you can use to send a message of luxury and style are the Calacatta Marble and Statuary Marble.


Marble countertops: A trend that is not going out of fashion in NYC

The Marble surfaces with wood or steel unite the kitchen areas into those for work or leisure. Marble gives a more artistic air to the space and a rich and elegant look.


Marble has become one of the favorite materials in the new interior design. Bathrooms, living rooms, dining rooms, and kitchens in a minimalist or romantic style increasingly include this material due to the sobriety and toughness it provides. Marble-inspired countertops are becoming more and more common in NYC kitchens. Its easy cleaning and innate durability make the marble the ‘star dish’ for professional and amateur cooks.


Although there are many benefits, marble also has some weaknesses when it comes to cooking. Being a rock that absorbs liquids, the stains that form on the surface (rings or scratches) remain and their removal is sometimes impossible.


  1. White marble countertops for sober kitchens

White surfaces give kitchens more sobriety and allow multiple color combinations with white, brown, or gray as complementary colors. Being a neutral color, the sense of space will be conveyed to the entire main structure and increase the work areas of the kitchen.


  1. Having Carrara marble

The back surfaces based on Carrara marble or those in shades of gray and white enhance the brightness of the areas and add sophistication to them. Combining the pieces of marble with those of the kitchen ceiling provides a greater balance to the different areas.


  1. Gray as the main component

Gray or white kitchens stand out due to their eternity and with them a large number of different designs and textures are possible.

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