NYC Kitchen Renovation Cost

Are you ready for a kitchen renovation?  Countertops NYC is here to support you!

The kitchen is the area where you prepare and cook family meals. However, the days when cooking was the sole function of this room are a distant memory.

It is where under some circumstances – the only place that the family will gather and enjoy something during the day within the home. Unlike the bedroom, the kitchen is the most frequently used room by all the family members.

It is also a fantastic place where you would like to host your visitors and enjoy afternoon tea or a simple cup of coffee.

Kitchen Countertop

However, the kitchen probably takes the most stick, too. Dropped plates, forks, knives, and food splattered all over the walls, heat is applied to the surfaces… The list goes on, and your kitchen must be able to deal with it. Quality and durability are so important in this room more than any others.

You don’t need to replace everything in your kitchen to give it a renovation. Updating your countertop handles, and even just your cupboard doors are a great way to give your kitchen a brand-new look and feel – for less!

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How to Update Your Kitchen on a Budget

Basic Kitchen  
Average Cost
Mid-Range Kitchen  
Average Cost
High-end Kitchen
Average Cost 
This includes,  This includes,This includes,  
• Modern Kitchen Sinks • Modern Kitchen Sinks • Modern Kitchen Sinks
• Backsplash Wall Tile• Customize your cabinets.• Modern Appliances
• Based Granite Countertop• Based Quartz Granite or Marble countertops• Customize your cabinets.
• Refacing Cabinets• Kitchen designer• Based Quartz, Quartzite, Granite, or Marble countertops
• Refinish Painted Cabinets• Tile Flooring Installation.• Kitchen designer
• DIY• Stone-based flooring• Natural Stone-based flooring
• Upgraded appliances• Adding an Island to a Kitchen• Project management
.• Project management• Stone-based flooring and Tile Flooring Installation.
• Backsplash Wall Tile• Customize your cabinets.
• Backsplash Wall Tile


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