Onyx Marble Stone

Onyx stone

Luxury Design Addicts? Want your kitchen to be decorated and beautiful in town? You better get to know Onyx stone!

Let’s get started – kitchen onyx stone is one of the most precious stones you can find. It is so special that many people classify it as a gem. It is no coincidence that Onyx stone is used for cladding places that broadcast prestige, including the world’s most advanced and prestigious museums, churches and architectural projects. The question is: are you a type of onyx stone? Not necessarily.

Onyx stone has always been one of the bold and precious choices of having a kitchen. In addition, the special features that we will immediately expand on make Onyx an excellent choice when design is a top priority, not only as a kitchen surface, but also as a beautiful cladding stone in the walls adjacent to the kitchen and bathroom marble.

Moreover, since the onyx has a certain amount of transparency, hidden lighting can be incorporated and thus come to the view that nothing you know comes close to it.

Onyx stone has always been one of the coveted stones. Some believe that the Stones were nothing more than Onyx stones.

Another piquant story relates to the building of the library at Yale University – the original plan was to cover the walls with onyx surfaces, but since the right amount of shade was not found, they had to “settle” there on plain marble

Like granite and being a natural stone, Onyx stone is formed in natural processes in the depths of the earth. Most of the stone is made of quartz and its texture is made of strips and tendons.

The onyx is carved and cut into boards with each board different from one another – an added benefit for those looking for uniqueness. Also, Onyx stone comes in a huge variety of shades, textures and colors so if you are looking for a surface that will fit your kitchen and home, Onyx stone is likely to meet the task with no problem.

The main advantage of having onyx stone in the kitchen is the appearance and prestige it brings with it. In our opinion, there is no longer such a prestige that in addition to its transparency, quite impressive design achievements can be achieved. Want to turn on your designer? Just tell him you’re interested in onyx marble and look the sparkle in your eyes.

Onyx Bar & Lounge

Onyx Bar & Lounge

Disadvantages of having onyx

If you’ve been impressed by the many benefits of Onyx and are already on your way to picking up the phone and making a consultation and quotation with us, you should stop.

There are many significant drawbacks to kitchen onyx. Disadvantages that may not be significant if you live in the palace but I guess most of us still have to cook in the kitchen and if that’s the case, the onyx can be very problematic.

Sensitive to scratches – The onyx stone is not as hard and strong as the marble and granite and is therefore not scratch resistant. If you are thinking of cutting the vegetables directly on the countertop, you should think again. It is also not advisable to place hot things like pots on the onyx surface.

Stains – spilling some wine on the marble? You may be in trouble. The onyx stone is annexed because it has pores. You can reduce the risk by periodically treating a sealer that seals these pores but the question is do you want to deal with it?

Complex maintenance – sensitivity to various detergents – especially those based on abrasive materials, requires that owners have a different and much more delicate reference onyx.

Not suitable for outdoor use – If you are facing the installation of an outdoor kitchen or just want to cover the barbecue corner – do not do it with Onyx.

Onyx Table NYC

Onyx Table NYC

Who cares about having onyx in the kitchen?

Those who sell the most beautiful things that exist and at the same time do not cook often.

In other words, in order to provide the best kitchen countertop, you have to think about two things – the design and the look alongside functionality.

Undoubtedly, Onyx answers the first need and even answers it perfectly, but when it comes to usability, many problems are discovered that make Onyx least useful in everyday life.

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Onyx Collection Natural Stone

Onyx Collection Natural Stone

Onyx Collection Natural Stone

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