Quartz Countertops in Brooklyn NY

Best Quartz Countertops in Brooklyn NY

If you’re new to Brooklyn and are in a search of renewing your kitchen or maybe even thinking of styling up your place a bit – the countertop market is the answer to your call.

Years over Years the countertop industry has helped many individuals to raise their house value, renovate and remodel. This market helps you tap into your creative side and explore the world of colorful slabs. If you’re thinking of diving into the countertop market, then there are a few key rules you must consider and follow in order to avoid future mistakes.

Quartz Countertop NYC & Fellow Leading Brands

Quartz, one of the many materials used for countertops has seen a recent surge in the White Quartz texture styling. Quartz being as it is -one of the best materials to use- has been popular through the past few years.

While we can boast of how good Quartz is, we always suggest our customers buy the stone from lead name brands. Caesarstone, Cambria, Pental Quartz, Siltstone are just a few of the big names out there. Besides providing you high-quality Quartz slabs, they also provide you warranties too. The same way you prefer buying a Nike shoe over a no-name company (because of the quality you know you get), it’s the same with the countertop industry.

Other materials we highly recommend too are Granite, Marble, and Quartzite. These are definitely materials you will want to check out. Each stone comes equipped with his own PROS and CONS.

Quartz Countertops in Brooklyn New York

Quartz Countertops in Brooklyn New York

Marble and Granite in Brooklyn New York

In the Brooklyn area, one of the most popular stones beside Quartz is Marble and Granite. Each comes with a set of skills of his own.  Here are a few, but essential PROS and CONS you should know about.

Marble: PROS

● Unique design – Every Slab come in a different style. They are unique in the true sense as none of them are the same because of their veining structural design. This Natural stone will give you timeless styling that will make you feel as if time has stopped.

● Increases House Value – If you’re thinking of selling your house, investing in a kitchen Marble countertop is the right way to go.

● Heat resistant – Marble countertops are heat resistant, and can deal with a certain degree of temperature, but will still advise being cautious.

Marble: CONS

● Porous material – Marble countertops our porous making it a high-maintenance product that also requires sealing.

● Relatively Expensive: Marble is truly a luxury design, and as we all know, luxury comes with a price tag.

Granite: PROS

● Unique Colors – Just like Marble, every Granite slabs is special. Granite has many colors and patterns to chose from. With such a wide degree of choices, you will find your dream kitchen slab.

● Durability: Granite’s durability will leave you at awe. Being scratch, heat and chip resistance, this slab won’t leave you with any additional worries.

● Maintenance: Granite is the exact opposite than Marble in this department. Cleaning comes easy with this material, and it only requires sealing one every 3 years.

Granite: CONS

● Cost: Yes, sadly Granite is expensive when compared to Quartz and other countertops materials.

● Porus: Granite being a natural stone is also a porous material. This makes sealing a priority, and if they’re any stains you will need to hire a professional.

Quartz countertops brooklyn

Quartz countertops brooklyn

Discount Granite Countertops, Brooklyn New York

As we said before, Granite is an expensive material for your countertop when you compare it to other stones on the market. Is there a way to bypass this? The answer is yes.

In order to bypass the ordeal of buying expensive Granite, we recommend speaking directly with a stone fabricator. There are a few reasons for this. Firstly, with stone fabricators, you get a much better price offer, in other words; if you’re on a budget that is not a problem. Secondly, the quality that you get from them is just amazing. Lastly, customer service is excellent. It truly is a pleasure doing business with stone fabricators.

Brooklyn Granite Yard

If you’re the adventurous type, we highly recommend visiting a Granite yard. Visiting a Granite yard will give you the option of exploring and get a real feel for the slab you want. Sometimes, we think we want a certain product, but after seeing it in person we don’t think the same, and vice versa. That is exactly why we suggest going to Granite yards if you have the time for it. One visit can help you get one step closer to your perfect countertop.

What’s your Choice for a Perfect Countertop

What is your ideal material to use for your kitchen? It can be White Quartz that looks like Marble. Maybe Granite is an excellent choice. All in all, they are great materials you just need to search for what fits best for you.

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