Best Stone Fabricator in New York NY

Stone Fabricator in NYC

For over 20 years, Countertops NYC has been supplying high-quality, premium Natural stone for your kitchen countertop needs.


Our team was selected member after member due to their understanding of materials, processes, and their passion for stone. Whether you are browsing our site or visiting we are always ready to share our in-depth knowledge on the subject of marblegranite, quartzite, and quartz stone. We undertake to support you and accompany you towards the selection of raw materials for all types of work and for all projects and orders.


We install durable work surfaces and the best quality counters installed according to the rules of the art. We are attentive to your needs in granite,  quartz stone, marble, or quartzite detect and sort of the highest level of listening and teaching that make all the difference in identifying your needs. We create value for your kitchen and bathroom delivery and installation times that meet the agreed schedules.


Our team is committed to accompanying you and advising you in a tailored and close manner whether in choosing your standard product or for custom creations.


We have state-of-the-art production processes, which ensure the execution of the work accurately while reducing the execution time.


The perfect mastery of our profession combined with modern techniques allows us to offer quality, customized, and competitive products.


Thus, we are able to meet the multiple requirements of a large clientele: marble workers, architects and designers, real estate developers and construction companies, kitchen designers, and individuals.



Why you should order a stone product from Countertops NYC:


At Countertops NYC, we have improved the technology over and over again. Up-to-date equipment, exchanging experience with foreign colleagues, as well as introducing new processing methods – all this allows us to ensure product quality.


Ordering stone products from us gives you the following benefits:


Performing work in any complex. The professionalism of our craftsmen and the production ability of the equipment allow us to produce products in different shapes and sizes according to your requirements.

Quality finish. The stone processing equipment makes it possible to finish products to perfection. High-quality abrasion, smooth edges, precisely calibrated shape.

Here you can purchase unique and high-quality natural stone products, buy surfaces, window sills, and more. We take into account the wishes of each client, including the timing of work.


Our company offers self-manufactured stone products. The workshop has been operating in the market for over 20 years. Masters work professionally with the breed, while maintaining technology, preserving the natural qualities and properties of the material. Natural stone  products with an unusual design, suitable for different styles, create a luxurious atmosphere in the house

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