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Blue Stones for Kitchen Countertops

Whether you live on the beach or not, you can still have the beach house look with beautiful marine blue colored countertops or island. There are so many to choose from. You can design your kitchen in so many different ways. You can have white cabinets with a white quartz countertop and blue colored stones on the kitchen island to give it that beach summer feel. You can easily go with black absolute granite and a blue colored stone on your kitchen island. You can also flip the stones around and do blue countertops and White Island or even Black Island. There are so many ways you can design your kitchen. We know our clients in Manhattan NY have houses on the beach in The Hamptons, NY and are always looking for a unique kitchen countertop or island. Waterfalls on an island are also very popular with our clients, it makes the kitchen look more modern and unique. It also makes the kitchen island a piece of art and gives it the center stage. There are so many different colored blue stones. Here are just a few. Granite you have a stone called Blue Bahia, a beautiful blue colored natural stone. Another natural beauty is Sodalite compared to Blue Bahia Sodalite has more variations to it. Granite is known to be the strongest stone in natural stones. These beauties are just a piece of art as my clients put it. You also have quartzite, which is also a natural stone, but it is not as strong as granite, but it has the look of marble but more durable than marble its called Azul Macaubus, it is another beautiful natural stone. Then you have onyx, which is a sensitive stone, but wow is all that can be said about it. You are able to add lighting underneath the stone to show its beauty. There are many bluer colored natural stones you can choose from these were just a few popular ones. Feel free to contact us. —

Blue Natural Stone Countertop Slabs

Branco Cintilante Light Blue Marble OH3
Blue Sea Marble Slabs 2cm NYC NIN
Lumen Quartzite Slab for countertops SIM7
2cm Azul Macaubas Quartzite Slabs SIM 51
Marble crystal blue polished slabs NYC


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