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What Color Countertops Go With White Cabinets

A spacious and practical kitchen is a dream for almost all women in New York City. White color visually expands the space, so it is ideal for decorating small kitchens. Designers have successfully used this technique for a long time. With his help, they push the boundaries of the crowded rooms and make them beautiful, comfortable and functional objects. However, in large rooms, especially if the kitchen is combined with the living room, all white tones are more than suitable. They fill the face with freshness, cleanliness and serve as excellent background. White is the rare color that suits any style of New York City kitchens.

The neutral white background perfectly relaxes all contrasts and edges. This is true of modern style, where classical aesthetics are combined with the pragmatism of modern functionalism. On a white background, black or dark stone surfaces, stone surfaces and even glass with good chrome details.

White kitchens show elegance, sophistication and grace. Such a face is always elegant and bright. Regardless of the style in which it is applied, the character of the room is unique because the color itself makes it perfect for keeping the room clean.  Most of our clients in New York, Brooklyn, Queens, The Hamptons NY and Long Island choose the white and bright kitchen countertop.

White is a universal color with greater light reflection, even if it is a rough or matte surface. There is always enough light in a room like this. It has long been proven that this color is beneficial for the mood, it takes from gloomy thoughts. White is a great decor for most color combinations that balance opposing or controversial duets.

The modern design of the white kitchen is a sign of sophistication and nobility. Such design styles always create a sense of celebration. At the same time, white can serve as an excellent background canvas for any other contrasting and bright color. Because of its versatility, it breaks down the color palette, creates the right accents and doesn’t draw all the attention to itself. Therefore, white kitchen design options differ in their variety and will help realize even the boldest and most fashionable ideas. If you worry about having to spend half your life cleaning such a kitchen, just don’t overdo the white paint. It will be difficult to remove stains from food or vinegar on a laminate or wood floor, and fingerprints will remain on glossy white furniture. But every kitchen needs regular cleaning, and prefers dark tones, you run into an even bigger problem. Dirt and dust on darker surfaces are more noticeable than light ones. In practical terms, not only important color, but also the texture, quality and other characteristics of the finishing materials.

The main advantage of white kitchens is the visual effect of space expansion. Bright shades make the room bigger, which are perfect from small New York City apartments so a narrow hallway with white walls looks wider, and a small kitchen with a bright ceiling looks taller.

One of the most popular variations of the kitchen cabinet system is a glossy white snow-free surface with door brackets. Such smooth surfaces are easy to clean, as a rule, fingerprints and water droplets are not visible on them, and modern home appliances fit perfectly into their design. Once you’ve collected the most unpretentious furniture, you can not only save yourself from unnecessary parts, but also simplify the cleaning process. Black granite countertop on white kitchen

This option is classic and universal. In this case, the white color becomes even brighter, and the black granite is deeper and nobler. Contrast always gives the room freshness and elegance. In addition, it extends the horizon of stylistic decisions. For example, a black-and-white kitchen will perfectly reproduce the retro style. Or you can distribute a black color, so that only certain parts of the kitchen are designed to separate the functional areas.

You are able to do many different types of ways the white classic kitchen. As mentioned in the article you can have all white kitchens or you can add dark color cabinets with white classic counter or wise versa. Either way you do it, it will look beautiful.

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