Quartz Countertop VS Granite Countertop

By Guila Petacci 

It is well known that the choice of a countertop material for one’s kitchen plays a very important role in the final look of the kitchen. If after going attentively through the countertop materials available to you, you are now left to choose between Granite and Quartz, then this is the article for you.

We are going to compare these two very handy materials. Examine their pros and cons and possibly which material is best suited for you depending on what you are looking for and of course, your budget.

Quartz stone countertop NYC

Quartz stone countertop NYC

The first aspect we are going to compare is the appearance.

Both stones have a very appealing appearance. However, depending on what you are looking for, you may prefer one stone over the other. For example, Granite slabs show slight, natural variations in the hue of the stone and the colors range from earth tones to blues, greens, and roses.

Quartz’s coloration, on the other hand, is more consistent and available in a wider range of colors since quartz is entirely man-made and the coloration is produced with pigments added to the quartz.

Besides the appearance, the issue of Durability should be considered with great care as well. When it gets to durability, though it has some defects, granite is undoubtedly more durable than quartz. Granite being a natural stone requires some level of care, for example, sealing should be taken seriously (done at installation and on a regular basis) to avoid stains settling in because the stone is porous.

Quartz on the other hand doesn’t require this level of care and can easily make it through very long periods of time with minimum care making it more resistant than granite. But when granite is well taken care of, it has an incredibly long life-span.

We must nevertheless admit that granite is more likely to crack or chip than quartz, hence less solid than it.

Seeing as both stones are to serve as kitchen countertops, the aspect of heat resistance should not be ignored as the countertop is going to be in contact with heat very often. Under this aspect, granite scores the point as it is more resistant to heat than quartz that will leave stains when in contact with heat. However, some measures can be taken if one decides to go for quartz, but such measures simply entail completely avoiding contact with heat.

Granite Countertop NYC

Granite Countertop NYC

Talking about cost, one can afford different models and sizes at various prices. But overall, Granite is more expensive as there are some granite pieces that cost 3 times as much as the most expensive quartz.

Overall, everything depends on what you are looking for in a material. If you prefer a natural stone for the look and natural color it has to offer, then granite is the stone for you. On the other hand, if you need more colors or a more contemporary stone, quartz is definitely the material for you.

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