Here’s What You Need to Know before You Install a Marble Countertop

By Guila Petacci 

Marble is a very noble material that is as known as it is used. It has been used for several purposes right from back in the days such as the fabrication of fountains, and even sculptures in the Roman empire. Sometimes, people tend to be a little hesitant when it comes to using marble as a kitchen countertop because it is not certain it can make it.

In this article, we will find out: Is marble as a kitchen countertop a great idea? Can it withstand oily liquids and stains from wine and other coloring items in the kitchen? We will do so by answering some common questions anyone considering marble for a countertop would ask.


The answer is definitely yes. Marble is a stunning stone that promises to give an outstanding and unique look to your kitchen. Why do we say your kitchen will have a unique look? Because, amazingly, no two pieces of marble look alike. They are all different in the veining, the tones, and the shades. Hence, you can be sure your countertop will be unique.

Kitchen with white marble countertop

Kitchen with white marble countertop

The care part of marble is definitely a legitimate concern given that marble is generally not very dark or even due to the fact that the best marble types which white marble types like Statuary easily stain. Though one might doubt the fact that white marble will be able to withstand stains, it actually does and does so pretty well if well taken care of. How then does one take care of a marble countertop? By sealing it frequently. Doing so guarantees you some degree of stain resistance. Plus, you can go for darker shades of marble because the darker it is, the fewer chances you have of seeing the eventual stains.

The prices of the different marble types vary. However, the least expensive is white is Carrara Marble. But if you are in search of luxurious looking marble types, you can go for the very expensive Calacatta and Statuary Marble. Either way, independent of the type of marble you can afford, you can be sure that a white marble countertop will provide you with an exquisite and above all unique look.

Etching can be a serious problem affecting the visual aspect of your countertop. However, it is easily taken care of by professionals. Note that, you should not try to remove the etching yourself but instead call for professional help in order not to make the situation worst.

The above were answers to some basic concerns concerning marble countertops, and all you should be prepared for before having them. Overall, we will end saying going for a marble countertop is definitely a great idea, provided that you are ready to put in the work it takes to maintain its gorgeous look.

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