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By Guila Petacci 

Window Sills Made of White Quartz or White Marble: To Consider or not?

You might probably have heard of materials such as Quartz and marble and of course their uses. However, far from the classic use of it for tiles, kitchen and bathroom countertops, and the like, these very materials can serve for an entirely different purpose.

As mentioned in the title, we are going to see if White Quartz and White marble can be considered to be used as Window sills. But before, let’s get to know a little bit more about these materials.

General Information on White Quartz and White Marble

Quartz Stone Radiator Covers in NYC

Quartz Stone Radiator Covers in NYC

Beginning with White Quartz, the first thing to mention is the fact that it is not a natural stone. In other words, quartz is entirely man-made. But, far from being a disadvantage, the fact that it is man-made overcame certain limitations that were common to natural stones. For example, you can obtain Quartz in practically any color of your choice. Also, it is a very hard material and requires a lot less maintenance than most other natural stones.
White Marble, on the other hand, is a very known type of marble. It is known not only for the fact that is has been used by several of the greatest architects in the world, but also because, the look it provides stands out. In other words, there is a particular final look that can only be obtained with white marble, which is known for being classy and elegant. And also, being a natural stone, nature designed it to be unique as no two slabs of marble have the same veining pattern, shadows, hues, and all the like.

That being said about both materials, we are going to get into the core of the subject which is to determine whether or not White marble or White Quartz can be used as Window Sills.

Can They Be Used as Window Sills?

Our answer to this question is definitely yes. As a matter of fact, many of those that have used any of these materials as their window Sills have been fully satisfied. It is so because, a sill made out of any of these materials can give the room it is in, a totally different level of beauty.

But then, you may ask yourself, what if the Window Sill I buy doesn’t fit? That is actually not a problem as the Sill can be cut to the exact size of your window and of course, installed.

Note however that, even if a Window Sill made of White Marble or White Quartz can make your kitchen very attractive, there is a minimum of maintenance required, particularly with white marble as it is a highly porous material that can easily get stains locked up into it. And remember that the stains, (that may probably occur if you have herbs or pot plants on your sill) will be very visible as the marble is white. To avoid such a situation, you can simply get your marble sealed by professionals and you’ll be good to go.

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