Stone Warehouses VS Kitchen Showrooms

Reasons Why You Should Visit Stone Warehouses Rather Than Kitchen Showrooms to Get Your Material.

By Guila Petacci 

Very often, in search of which material to use be it for kitchen or bathroom countertop, people are very tempted to go and chose from the materials exposed in showrooms. Which is not such a great idea, since you do not want to a small sample of the stone but the entire slab of marble, quartz, quartzite, or granite

Reasons Why Visiting a Warehouse is A Better Idea

–      You Get to Better See the Material You opt for: In Showrooms, you only get to see part of the material as just a sample of it is exposed so the client can have an overview of what the material looks like. That could reveal itself very deceiving as sometimes, the sample greatly differs from the full slab which could be really disappointing if you expected a certain general look.

Granite and Marble Slab Warehouse NYC

Granite and Marble Slab Warehouse NYC

In warehouses, on the other hand, you get to see the full slab and decide whether or not it corresponds to what you are looking for. Therefore, in some way, warehouses don’t only show the best and hide the worst but show the slab in its most natural state.

–      You Get Assistance from Stone Professionals: One thing to be noted is that in showrooms you will most likely find salesmen whose job is to recite what has been told them on the material rather than professionals that know stones and have worked with them for a while. Therefore, in showrooms, you are less likely to get sound professional advice. In warehouses, on the other hand, seeing as the people that work there have a great mastery of the stones they work with, they will surely be able to help clarify any doubts you may have and even give practical advice on how to take care of your stone and make it look at its best at all times.

–      You Get Better Guidance: Very often, it may happen that a client has no precise idea of what he wants or even a general idea and not know which stone will be best for his project. In a warehouse, as the workers know exactly the properties of stones, they will be able to guide you in your choice and make sure you get the stone that corresponds to your needs both at the level of aesthetics and at that of practical use.

We hope these points could help you understand better why warehouses are by far a better idea than showrooms when it comes to stone selection in order for you to get the best assistance possible.


Granite and marble slabs samples

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