White Quartz Countertops That Look like Marble

By Guila Petacci 

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White Quartz Stone Countertop That Look Like Marble

White Quartz Stone Countertop That Look Like Marble

White Quartz New York City

The year 2019 is upon us, and as residents who reside in  New York City, it’s our responsibility to live up to its newest trends and hypes. For those of us who have been pondering between buying marble, granite, or even regular Quartz slabs.  For those who have been questioning themselves, what alternatives do they have for choosing an ideal countertop and wondered what is the best way to renovate your kitchen then we strongly suggest you read on. In the past years what dominated the countertops market was granite and marble slabs.  Those slabs over the years have made for themselves quite a name. Today, people are afraid to try something new and explore new options. We at Countertops NYC want to present you with a new kind of slab. A brand-new stone that can give you an elegant, refined new look to your kitchen. White Quartz, an exquisite engineered white stone that can provide your kitchen and you with a high-end, innovative counter-top design. Unlike other engineered slabs, White Quartz durability is in a class of its own. Quartz is one of the hardest minerals on Mother Earth. Quartz is a natural mineral that without undergoing human engineering wouldn’t have been a viable option for a countertop. In the early 1960s, an Italian company that goes by the name of Breton S.p.A has found a way to maneuver around the Quartz crystal natural form and convert it into modern countertop material. The company has found that by pressing polymer resins into natural, raw quartz crystals, it is then able to become counter-top material. The form of this unique mineral gives you a few advantages over natural slabs and other engineered stones. Firstly, we engineer the stone in a way that the surface doesn’t get stained, because of that the White Quartz durability is extraordinary. Moreover, the White Quartz slab has proven it can be stain-free. Even if you spill on the surface a particular liquid, may it be coffee, milk, tomato sauce, and so forth, it will still remain stainless. The White Quartz slab will maintain the calming white color that makes it stand out from the rest of the slabs. Secondly, White Quartz is scratch-resistant to a certain degree. The benefit of this means that even without a cutting board you don’t need to worry about damaging the surface. Thirdly, Quartz stones are porous, hence are cleaner in terms of not harboring dirt and bacteria as much as other surfaces. Even if you spilled something at your countertop, all you need is a sponge, hot water and you’ll find it looks just as new.  These are just a few examples which showcase the unparalleled ness of the White Quartz

As mentioned above, White Quartz is a stain-free counter-top, because of that, maintenance is easy. Even if you spilled something at your countertop, all you need is a sponge, hot water and you’ll find it looks just as new. If what you’re looking for is a countertop to give you a cozy, soothing atmosphere.  If you’re somebody that wants to expand his/her horizons with something new and trendy; and if your household has children that spill, liquids, and the sort, or maybe you’re somebody who doesn’t like to clean too often, then we more than recommend White Quartz slabs.

White Quartz Countertops That Look like Marble


With all the benefits we mentioned above about the White Quartz, there are a few downsides you should know about. First, the after-mentioned countertop can resist heat but up to a certain temperature (usually 150 degrees). The reason for this cause lies in the substance that builds the stone.  The slab built up 93% natural, raw Quartz crystal and 7% being the resin and pigments. The resin and pigments can only take so much heat, because of that the resin might burn up and cause permanent damage.  For example, putting down a hot pot on the countertop is not suggested. Even though at first this might strike you as a problem there is an easy solution for it (!). By placing a hot pad on the countertop, you avoid damaging the surface, and at the same time, you keep all the benefits as we mentioned above.


If you’re interested in styling up your kitchen with the White Quartz stone, then you have the option to check out our warehouse. We at CountertopsNYC.com consider customer service and professionalism above anything else, therefore, you can check the warehouse online on our website. All pictures shown are high-end resolution pictures. For further consultation, we at CountertopsNYC.com have a professional team that can help you find the perfect slab to fit your desires. You can call us today at 1- 800-634-2315 or alternatively send us an email at countertopnyc@gmail.com 


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